5 Best hikes in Grindelwald Switzerland for families (2021)

Our favorite hikes in Grindelwald, with varying difficulty from an easy stroll for all ages and abilities to a challenging all day trek, more suitable for experienced hikers and teens.

Grindelwald has some of the best hiking in Switzerland, popular with both tourists and locals. Although Grindelwald is a nice base for exploring the whole Jungfrau region, if you are only staying a day or two, I suggest choosing hikes that can be accessed directly from Grindelwald, maximizing your mountain time.

So here are our favorite hikes in Grindelwald, with varying difficulty from an easy stroll for all ages and abilities to a challenging all day trek, more suitable for experienced hikers and teens. I hope you find something you like!

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Overview of Grindelwald

Grindelwald is an alpine village in the Jungfrau Region, right in the heart of Switzerland. It is easily accessed by train or car.

The Jungfrau region is split into two main valleys: Grindelwald on the east and Lauterbrunnen on the west, with a big mountain separating them. You can easily travel between the valleys by car, train or cable car. But it can be time consuming if your time is short. On the map below, I’ve highlighted the four mountain areas serviced by mountain transport from the Grindelwald valley: Grindelwald First (gondola), Pfingstegg (cable car), Kleine Scheidegg (cogwheel train) & Männlichen (gondola). Below I suggest hikes in each of these areas.

map of Jungfrau Region with hiking areas highlighted

How to get to Grindelwald

The Grindelwald village is easy to access by train or car. Where you park or exit the train, depends on where you plan to hike. So see the individual hiking posts for more specific directions.

By train: From Interlaken Ost, take a train to Grindelwald. Often this train goes to both Lauterbrunnen & Grindelwald, splitting in half once it reaches the Zweilütschinen stop. so make sure you are on the correct half of the trail. If you plan to ride the Männlichen gondola, you can get off at Grindelwald Terminal. Otherwise, ride one more stop to Grindelwald, which is close to the center of the village.

By car: Where you park in Grindelwald depends on what you are doing.

  • If you are staying overnight, the least expensive parking is near Grindelwald Grund open parking (46°37’20.2″N 8°01’21.2″E), only CHF 7/day. This parking is a short walk from the Grindelwald Grund and Grindelwald Terminal train stations and bus stops. It’s a 1.5 km walk from the center of the village.
  • For the Männlichen gondola, park in the adjacent Grindelwald Terminal parking garage (46°37’28.0″N 8°01’13.5″E), which is CHF 6 for 1-5 hours, CHF 12 for 5-24 hrs. But if you stay multiple days, it gets more expensive each day, e.g. CHF 60/3 days.
  • For the Grindelwald First gondola, the closest parking is Parkhaus Eiger + near the center of the village (Endweg 1b, 3818 Grindelwald), the most expensive parking at CHF 2.50/hr, CHF 25/day. This one gets a little a little cheaper each day you stay. You can also get a long term (at least 7 days) “in & out” parking ticket with a reserved spot, so you can use your vehicle during your stay.
  • For the Pfingstegg cable car, there are three small parking lots adjacent to the cable car station (Graben 3818, 3818 Grindelwald), CHF 7/day.

Hike 1: Panorama trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

Gorgeous panorama views from this easy family hike that winds along the mountains below the Jungfrau. This trail is easy enough for little hikers in training and is also manageable with an all-terrain stroller. The big playground at Männlichen is a fun bonus for the kids. 

Easy • 1.5 h • 4.7 km • ↗ 68 m ↘ 237 m 

See details for Männlichen-Kleine Scheidegg trail.

family hiking on trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg in Jungfrau Region Switzerland with view of Grindelwald

Alternative: if you have children aged about 5-10 that need a little motivation to keep walking, you might try the Lieselotte theme trail. The trail has 13 stations along the 3.5 km trail, including playing an alphorn and “milking” a cow. See details for the Lieselotte theme trail.

Easy • 1h30 • 3.5 km • ↘ 600 m

Hike 2: Eiger Trail

This trail traverses underneath the famous north face of the Eiger, where many climbers have died trying to reach the peak. Unlike the rock face, this trail is safe for little hikers with mostly easy walking, with a few switchbacks and rocky sections to navigate. 

Moderate • 6 km • 787 m

See details for Eiger trail.

child hiking in Eiger trail in Grindelwald Switzerland

Hike 3: Pfingstegg to Bäregg

Ride up the Pfingstegg cable car, then hike way up a narrow canyon to reach a fantastic view of the Ischmeer glacier from the Bäregg mountain hut. Have lunch then return the way you came. Nice half-day outing. 

Moderate • 2.75 h • 5.4 km • ↗ 670 m ↘ 670 m

See details for Bäregg hike.

view from hike to Bäregg Hut from Grindelwald Pfingstegg with glacier view

Hike 4: Bachalpsee alpine lake

Ride a gondola to Grindelwald first, where you can start your day with a slightly scary cliff walk as an appetiser. Then a mild hike to an alpine lake with spectacular mountain views, a perfect place for a picnic. If you want to see something different on the way back, you can hike down to the middle station Bort, where you’ll find a big playground with mountain views and rent scooters to ride the rest of the way down to Grindelwald. 

Moderate • 6 km • ↗ 150 m ↘ 150 m

See details for Bachalpsee hike.

View of Bachalpsee alpine lake in Grindelwald Switzerland

Hike 5: First – Faulhorn – Schynige Platte

This is a long challenging hike starting at the top of Grindelwald First and ending at Schynige Platte, the entrance of the Jungfrau Region near Interlaken. On the way you pass by the Bachalpsee, visit the Faulhorn peak, and traverse many kilometers of beautiful mountain landscape. One of the best hikes in the region if you have the stamina to complete it. 

Challenging • 6 h • 16.5 km • ↗ 630 m ↘ 840 m

See details for Faulhorn hike.

view from top of Faulhorn peak in Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Where to stay in Grindelwald

If you want explore the Grindelwald area and have limited time (3 days or less), I suggest staying in or near the Grindelwald village, not in Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen. This will minimize your travel time to reach your desired hikes and destinations. If you have more time (a week or more), then you could stay somewhere more central (like near Interlaken) that enables you to more easily access a variety of destinations, not just Grindelwald.

There’s no secret to finding accommodation in Grindelwald. You just need to search all the booking sites like Booking.com. On a budget side, there is a youth hostel in Grindelwald that has family rooms. For a nicer stay, we really enjoyed the Boutique Hotel Glacier, which had fantastic views of Eiger. It also has a fantastic restaurant serving a beautiful, delicious 7 course meal (a treat for our wedding anniversary). I would definitely go back.

Budget Tip: Regional Travel Passes

If you stay overnight in Grindelwald, you will get get a Visitor Card that covers the local bus and gives a few discounts. Get more info here.

In addition, you can purchase a regional travel pass that covers mountain transport (free or discounted) in this region. These passes are only worth it if you plan to high price trips each day.

  • Jungfrau Travel Pass – available for 3 to 8 days. It covers most mountain transport in the Jungfrau region and near Interlaken, including the boat rides. It includes a discount on the Jungfraujoch journey. Starting at CHF 190/adult for a 3 day pass. Learn more.
  • Top of Europe Pass – This pass only covers mountain transport, buses, and trains in the Jungfrau region, including the Jungfraujoch journey. It starts at CHF 239/adult for 3 days. Also available as a season pass. Learn more.
  • Regional Pass Berner Oberland – This pass provides free travel on bus, train, boat and 25 mountain railways in the whole Bernese Oberland region, including all mountain railways in the Jungfrau region, with discounts for Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn. Learn more. This pass starts at CHF 230/adult for 3 days, available for up to 10 days.
  • Swiss Travel Pass – This pass includes free travel on bus, train, and boat in all over Switzerland and discounts on most mountain railways, including all those in the Jungfrau Region. It starts at CHF 232/adult for 3 days. Learn more.

If you are traveling with children aged 6-15, make sure to purchase the SBB Junior Card (also called Family Card). It enables children to ride free (when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket) on all buses, trains, gondolas, cable cars, ferries in all of Switzerland. It costs CHF 30 and is valid for 1 year. 

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