Discover Ticino Region

Ticino is a canton in southern Switzerland on the border of Italy. It has a wide variety of terrain, including big lakes, beautiful waterfalls, long lush valleys, and tall mountain peaks.

This area is generally warmer and sunnier than other parts of Switzerland, making it a popular destination for Swiss from northern regions. 

Below are links to our guides for this region. 

Where to hike near Lugano in southern Switzerland, most with panorama views of Lake Lugano, the defining feature of this area.

If you are staying in Locarno in southern Switzerland, here are the best nearby hikes to add to your itinerary.

The most beautiful hikes in Ticino visiting mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and valleys.

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Mountain views for non-hikers

Ride a funicular up to this small mountain in Lugano, an easy way to enjoy panorama views over the lake.

Ride a vintage funicular up this mountain for panorama views over the city of Lugano, the lake and mountain peaks in all directions. Several beautiful trail start here for those who want to hike.

Ride cogwheel train to viewpoint at 1704m over Lugano region to enjoy fantastic views from the restaurant, a playground or the lovely panorama hike.

This mountain viewpoint above Locarno has panoramic views over Lago Maggiore and a fun activity trail and playground for children.

Ticino favorites

How to plan an overnight stay at this mountain hut in Ticino, reached by a beautiful hike past lakes, rivers and waterfalls.
How to get to these pretty waterfalls near Locarno where locals go to cool off and sunbathe.
Hike to the top of the Foroglio falls and explore a high alpine valley along a rushing river.
Visit seven alpine lakes along this high mountain trail, hiking over a beautiful rocky landscape.
My favorite hike of 2020 that checks all the boxes: gorgeous alpine lakes, spiky peaks, remote and quiet, yummy food at a mountain hut, and a bit of challenge.
Ride up a super steep funicular to reach this stunning alpine lake, with short and long hiking options for families.


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