15 Spring Flower Hikes in Switzerland (April to June)

Our favorite spring flower hikes in Switzerland for April to June, to see cherry blossoms, crocus, narcissus, dandelions and wildflowers.

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In Switzerland, you can start spring hiking at lower elevations (under about 1300m) from about mid-April to mid-June. During this time, you can enjoy the short flowering seasons of cherry blossoms, crocus, narcissus, dandelions, as well as a wide variety of wildflowers as you wait for the snow to melt at higher elevations. Below are our favorite hikes for enjoying flowers in this early spring season.

FYI, higher elevation trails in the Swiss mountains don’t open for hiking until about mid-June to early July, when gondolas open for summer hiking season. Mountain wildflowers start to flower about this time, with peak bloom from July to August. For these mountain hikes, see 10 Best Wildflower Hikes in the Swiss Alps.

Note: The estimated bloom dates below are just estimates based on history. Flowers might show up earlier or later, no guarantees. Also note that farmers regularly mow wildflower fields so it’s possible flowers are gone one day to the next.

Blooming mid-April

1. Frick Cherry Blossom trail

usually mid April

This easy trail has hundreds of cherry trees that blossom around mid-April, a perfect time for a spring stroll. The path starts in a village, easy to access by car or bus. It’s a 4 km loop, a little uphill but easy walking on a smooth dirt path. The blossoms usually are ready about mid-April and last about 10 days. You can follow the #chriesiwäg hashtag and Aargau Tourism on Instagram to see pics from the trail and see if it’s blooming yet. 

Hike stats: 4 km (with longer options), easy, about 2 hours with kids

See details for the Frick Cherry Blossom Trail

2. Zug Cherry Blossom trail

This trail wanders along the hills above the Zugersee lake where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in mid-April. Athough it’s not “all cherry trees, all the time” like the Frick cherry blossom trail, it’s much quieter with more charms than just the blossoms. To see if the cherry blossoms are in bloom, you can email or call the Zug flower hotline: 041 723 68 00 or tourism@zug.ch 

See details for the Zug Cherry Blossom Trail

3. Rämisgummen “Sea of Crocus”

Crocus flowers usually start popping out in the cities and lowlands in February and March. But in the hills and mountains, the season starts later, about mid April through end of May. The hike at Ramisgummen in Emmental area is particularly well-known for its “sea of crocus,” literally thousands of crocus carpeting the hillsides there.

We haven’t gone yet, but it’s at the top of our list after reading this post from our friends at Family Earth Trek. Her family drove up the hills to the Bergrestaurant Erika (Giesshaldenalp, 3537 Eggiwil) and wandered the hills at the top. I read another account that suggested hiking from Trubsachen in the valley to Schangnau (part of the Grenzpfad Napfbergland) but it’s about 15 km long (see a map here). As soon as I do this one myself, I will report back and give you more details about where to hike. 

Blooming April to mid-May

4. Daffodils at Tête de Ran

Near Neuchâtel, there are huge wild daffodil fields at Tête de Ran, another spring outing suggested by Family Earth Trek. You can drive all the way to Tete de Ran (see on map), park next to the daffodil fields and simply wander. Or you can park below next to the Vue des Alpes restaurant and summer toboggan (see on map) and hike up, doing about a 6 km loop. The daffodils bloom around lake April to mid-May but they only last a week. So best to contact the Nechâtel tourism office and the Vue des alpes restaurant for the flower status before going. Details on Family Earth Trek.

My friend Hana from Our Swiss Experience also suggests a daffodil hike at Les Prés-d’Orvin near Biel. You can drive directly to the daffodils or hike the 9.8 km loop hike that Hana did with her children. See details for Les Prés d’Orvin daffodil hike.

5. Walensee waterfall hike

This is one of my favorite outings for spring break. By mid-April, the fields here are usually bright green and bursting with flowers and the waterfall is starting to pick up volume. The pic below was taken the last week of April in 2019, a perfect time to visit here. It’s about 2 km each way to the waterfalls, passing by and through fields like this the whole way. See Walensee Waterfall Hike.

6. Uetliberg

For an easy outing, the Uetliberg panorama trail above Zürich has lots of fields that break out in yellow, usually late-April through mid-May. We particularly like the fields near the Felsenegg restaurant and cable car. You can do a short, easy loop that starts on the ridge line and dips through some farms before returning to your starting point. Or you could just walk back and forth along the ridge as long as you like.

Hike stats: 3.5 km loop, easy, about 90 mins with kids

See details for Felsenegg loop trail

7. Greifensee lake path

The paths around the Greifensee lake east of Zürich cut through lots of big grassy fields that are bursting with wildflowers starting in late April. There are walking paths close to the water and a biking/skating path a bit set back from the water. Both are absolutely lovely in spring. If you don’t want to do the whole 19km loop, there are bus stops along the way and even ferry service across the lake to get you back to your starting point. See details for Greifensee lake loop

Blooming late May to early June

8. Narcissus trails near Lake Geneva

In western Switzerland, there are 6 popular Narcissus trails in the hills near Lausanne and Montreux. Each of the trails pass through big fields filled with white narcissus flowers and also have beautiful views of mountains and lake Geneva. The helpful Narcissus website has a detailed bloom forecast, showing what stage of bloom different sections of each trail are currently at and what is expected on a certain date so you can plan your visit.

The best and easiest narcissus trail is at Les Pleiades near Montreux and Lausanne. It’s also the most popular and can get very crowded on sunny weekends. But you should go anyway. See Les Pleiades hike details.

For a quieter trail, we suggest the narcissus trail at Haux de Caux (shown below), which visits some enormous fields filled with narcissus and views of Lake Geneva. We also tried the Les Avants trail, but it didn’t have as many flowers as I expected based on the website promo pics. Plus all the narcissus fields were fenced off to protect the flowers, which I totally support. But no pics of your family standing in the middle of the flowers. 

9. Seewis Narcissus Trail in eastern Switzerland

If you live in eastern Switzerland, you can instead visit the narcissus trail in Seewis, about an hour south of Zürich. The trail visits several mountain meadows that fill with narcissus flowers from mid-May to mid-June. The trail also has lots of other wildflowers as well as gorgeous mountain views. 

See details for Seewis Narcissus trail.

10. Chli Aubrig

We did this hike the second week of May and the dandelions were already out in full force. Most of the flowers were around 1200-1300m at the beginning of the hike, but I expect later in the season the whole mountain will be covered. The full loop is about 9 km, but you could enjoy a lot of the views and flowers very near the parking area without a long hike if you prefer.

See details for Chil Aubrig hike.

11. Moorweg Gamperfin

The flowers on this trail are plentiful but small, a quiet charm to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Part of the trail passes through a delicate moor, where you have to walk on a raised walkway to protect the habit, including the tiny blooms sprinkled all over the landscape. Other parts of the trail pass through big meadows stuffed with wildflowers. After your hike, it’s a short walk down to the lovely Voralpsee lake, a great place for a picnic. We did this hike the last week of May but probably even better in mid to late June.

See details for Moorweg Gamperfin hike.

12. Sattel Hochstückli – late April to May

Sattel is one of the first mountain gondolas to open, usually mid-April, sometimes earlier. The panorama trail has beautiful mountain views and lots of fields that gradually fill with wildflowers as the season progresses. On this trail in mid-April we saw lots of crocus with a background of snowy peaks in the distance. By mid-May, the fields turn bright green and are filled with dandelions and other flowers.

See details for Sattel Panorama Trail.

13. Pigniu Reservoir

Visiting this lake is one of our spring traditions. We usually go in mid-May when we see this fantastic carpet of yellow dandelions. But we’ve enjoyed it as early as mid-April (all brown, almost no flowers), and as late as August (super green, lots of flowers). Even though it’s surrounded by mountains, you can drive to the trail head without the use of mountain transport. In April and early May, the trail is usually partially covered in snow and in disrepair, with the bridge missing at the far end so you can’t do the full loop. So be flexible and set your expectations accordingly.

See details for Pigniu Lake & Waterfall hike.

14. Illgau Ladybug Trail

Illgau is another low elevation mountain area that opens a bit earlier than other mountains. We did this trail in late May and the wildflowers were tall and lush. But as we got closer to the village, farmers were mowing down several fields the day we were there. So we were lucky to see what we did. This trail is a theme trail for children with two playgrounds and a few activities along the way. For adults, there are longer trails in this area.

See details for the Illgau Ladybug trail.

15. Moorweg Rotenthurm trail near Einsiedeln

This trail wanders through fields, forests, and moor in the lowlands near Einsiedeln with lots of wildflowers filling the meadows. I was worried I would miss the big mountain views, but this trail was so lovely that I might make it a spring tradition. I went in late May when there was a partial detour onto the bike path (as shown below) to protect nesting birds and other wildlife. But even these parts on the country road were still very nice.

See details for Moorweg Rotenthurm.

Bonus – Flower Parks – Mid April to early May

These flowers aren’t wild and these suggestions are more strolls than hikes. But tulips are such a part of spring that I had to include them. In eastern Switzerland, we suggest Mainau Island, which is just over the border in Germany near Konstanz on the shores of the Bodensee lake. There are lots of beautiful walking paths around the island (fee to enter) filled with flowers, a great playground for the kids, and butterfly house. See our Mainau Island review

In western Switzerland, there is a free tulip festival in Morges near Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva. The festival runs from late March through early May but the tulips usually are in bloom the last two weeks of April. Below is a video from our visit a couple years ago. See the Morges website for details and update on the bloom status.

You could also do a road trip and visit the famous Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam. We’ve done this twice and loved it. The park is huge, so you’ll definitely get your steps in. You can also add on a bike ride through the tulip fields outside the park.

Seleger Moor near Zurich is another flower park, this one focusing on rhododendrons and azaleas, which bloom a bit later than daffodils and tulips. There are lots of little stroller-friendly paths wandering through large flower bushes. My kids enjoyed looking for frogs in the lilypad ponds. There is a family picnic and grill area with tables, so you can bring your lunch or get a snack from the small cafe. See our Seleger Moor review


What are your favorite spring flower hikes in Switzerland?

Map of spring flower hikes

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