10 Best Sledding Hills near Zürich

Our go-to sledding spots near Zurich, mostly free no-frills sledding hills and a couple higher elevation options with magic carpets and chair lifts to save you walking back up the hill.

Even if the snow melts in Zürich city, there is often plenty of snow for sledding in the nearby hills. Here are our favorite sledding hills near Zürich for a couple hours of winter fun. Most are simply small hills on private and public land where locals go sledding, without any services or rentals. Just bring your sled and haul it up the hill. A few are at ski resorts, with sport rentals onsite and magic carpets or chair lifts so you don’t have to drag your sled up each time.

Here is a map showing the sledding locations mentioned below. 

Free sledding hills

1. Raten Pass near Oberägeri

This is always our first choice when it snows in Zürich. This hill above Einsiedeln gets a little more snow than down below, so it’s often still a winter wonderland when the snow has melted in the city. There is a big field for sledding and small ski hill with a rope tow (no sledding on the ski hill). There is a big playground outside the restaurant, which is fun even in winter. Restaurant Raten is a little formal for a sled day, but we’ve eaten there before in all our snow gear. We’ve also done a sleigh ride here. 

Raten Pass (GPS: 47°08’30.5″N 8°39’49.7″E)webcamwebsite

Read my full post about Raten

2. Albis Pass near Adliswil

On a snow day, you’ll often see locals dragging their sleds up this hill on the side of the road at the Albispass, about a 15 drive south of Zurich. I heard that it’s private land but the landowner permits sledding and even sells grilled sausages from a truck next to the hill on busy days.

By car: drive to , the address of a restaurant across the street from the sledding hill. There is a big parking lot and parking spots along the main street.  

By public transit: take the 240 bus to the Langnau am Albis, Hinteralbis stop.

3. Einsiedeln Kloster

Behind the famous Kloster in Einsiedeln, there is a big sledding hill that has varying steepness to suit multiple ages. On busy days, there’s a kiosk selling snacks and sausages. There’s also a small ski hill with a drag lift and snow garden for absolute beginners.

Birchlistrasse, 8840 Einsiedelnwebcamwebsite

See my post about Einsiedeln Sledding…

4. Ibergeregg Pass 300m sledding hill

You can drive to the Ibergeregg pass, where you’ll find a small ski hill with a couple T-bars. There is a 300m sledding hill that is free to use. I never had the energy to pull my toddler back up the entire hill, so we just did short runs. Since the sledding hill is right next to the ski hill and drag lift, older kids can practice skiing while you play with little kids on the sledding hill (that’s what I did). The Alp Stubli restaurant is across the street and the Sünnehutte a short walk along the winter walking path, worth it for the views.

Ibergeregg, Passhöhe, 8843 Schwyzwebcamwebsite

pic from Ibergeregg website

Short sled runs with magic carpets & lifts

These sledding hills are more official, with a specific route and an optional magic carpet or other transport to take you back up the hill, usually for a fee. 

5. Oberiberg 200m sledding hill

At the ski lift Roggen, Oberiberg, there is a 200m sledding hill with a magic carpet. You can walk up the sledding hill for free or pay to use the magic carpet, which costs CHF 10 for the day. We went a couple times with our little kids and just dragged them up the hill. Across the street, you can rent sleds at Holdener Sport for CHF 9/day.

Tschalunstrasse 1, 8843 Oberibergwebcamwebsite

pic from Oberiberg website

6. Brunni-Alpthal 250m sledding hill

This small ski resort near Zürich has a magic carpet that services both a beginner ski hill and a 250m sled run (aka Schlittelbahn), suitable for small kids, not like the long, steep sled runs of other resorts. You can use the sled run for free if you want to walk up the hill. Or you can pay to use the magic carpet, which costs CHF 13/adult and CHF 10/child (see current prices).

You can rent sleds at the Brunni-Sport shop (Brunnistrasse 8, 8849 Alpthal) or at the bottom of Skilift Brunni, both next to the sledding hill. We also like this one because you don’t have to drive up a mountain road and you can park right near the sledding hill. It’s at a relatively low elevation 1100m, so there’s not always enough snow, so check conditions before heading out.

Brunnistrasse 21, 8849 Alpthalwebcams •  www.brunnialpthal.ch

For more info, see my post: Ski at Brunni Alpthal

Photo from www.brunnialpthal.ch

7. Amden-Arvenbüel 500m sled run

This 500m sledding hill at Amden-Arvenbüel is also a ski run, steeper and longer than the other sledding hills I’ve mentioned so far, but not so extreme as the long toboggan runs at other resorts. We loved that we could ski and sled on the same hill. While my husband skied with our 6yr old, I sledded down the same hill with my 3yr old on the sled run, so we could kinda stay together as a family. A chair lift brings you up the sled hill each time, so you need to purchase a single ticket or day pass. Sled rentals available on site.

Leistkammstrasse, 8873 Amdenwebcamwebsite

See my post about Skiing & sledding at Amden

8. Engelberg Trübsee sledding park

This one is farther from Zürich, but it’s the most snow-sure option for a basic sledding hill because it’s at a higher elevation. You have to pay for a return ticket to ride the gondola from Engelberg to Trübsee (kids under 6 free). But once at Trübsee, the sledding park is free to use with free sleds and tubes. On a busy day, they may all be taken, so best to bring your own. There is a covered magic carpet that brings you back to the top – hooray! There is a restaurant directly above the sledding park so you can easily warm up when necessary.

The views are spectacular and you have the opportunity for more activities besides sledding, including a winter walk around the frozen lake (details here) and riding up to the Titlis glacier to visit the ice cave and walk across the suspension bridge (details here).

Engelberg is a good choice if you have part of the family skiing, while one parent needs to entertain a smaller child with the sledding and snow play. The sledding hill is right by the Trübsee winter walk, which is a groomed path around the lake, so pretty. More info about that walk here. This is a nice option for a family that skis, but still has under-3 children that need a different activity.

Long sled runs in Zürich & Zug

These long sled runs near the cities are rather low elevation so they only open when there’s enough snow, not during the whole winter season.

9. Uetliberg 3.1 km sled run

If we get a big snow storm in Zürich, the Uetliberg sled run opens, usually for a week or so until the snow melts again. The sled run is 3.1 km, descending 330 m of elevation.

To reach the sled run, you ride the S10 train to the Uetliberg station. Then a short walk to the start of the sled run, as shown on the map below. The sled run is well marked. Sometimes it shares the path with walkers, so you need to watch your speed so you don’t hit anyone. The sled run ends at the Triemli train station, where you can catch the train back the mountain again. The train runs every 20 mins.

The train ticket costs CHF 17.60 (50% discount with SBB Half-fare, Junior card and kids under 6 ride free) and is valid for 24 hours, including all Zürich city. So you can do the sled run multiple times on this ticket. You can rent sleds at the Uetliberg train station for CHF 25/day. Call 044 412 14 71 for the status of the sled run.

Uetliberg websitewebcam

10. Zugerberg 2.5 km sled run

Note: The Zugerberg sled run will not open in the 2021/22 season due to construction on the route.

The Zugerberg funicular takes you to the top this 2.5 km sled run, which descends 360m of elevation. You can rent sleds at the station for CHF 15/2 hours or CHF 30/ 5 hours (leave your ID as a deposit). See the sledding route on SchweizMobil. A day pass on the funicular costs CHF 11.60/adult (CHF 5.80 for one ride). Discount for SBB Half-fare and children aged 6-15. Free for GA, Junior card and kids under 6.

Zugerbahn station: Schönegg 31, 6300 ZugwebcamZugerberg websitesled run status

Where are your favorite sledding spots near Zurich?

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5 Responses

  1. I am looking for some small hills that we can take a tram or short bus ride within Zürich. Similar to Irchel, where we can go after my child gets off Kindergarten. Any neighbor hood suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Some parents in our FB group suggested the Ringlikon station (on the way up to Uetliberg. If it has snowed enough at low elevation, there is a little sledding hill near the station. I haven’t been there so I can’t be more specific than that. If there is snow in Zurich city, Rieter park has a four great sledding hills. A lot of people sled at Klopstockwiese as well. But Zurich snow always melts so fast, it doesn’t last long.

  2. Hi, we enjoy Pilatus in Lucern. there are two runs; slow and fast – stay off the fast run as its extreme. the slow one is really nice. only slight problem is there's a bit of a walk at the bottom to get back to the cable car back up. Check before you go to make sure the runs are open.


  3. Hi, we also go to Sattel Hockstuli (2/3 km slope, a bit steep – more info here: http://www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch/), and to Filzbach on the Walensee – a 7 km slope, perfect for families (not too steep): we love it! Once you get to filzbach, you will see signs for the skilift on the left, take the ski lift, and enjoy the day!

    I also found this website (sorry in German), which lists sledging slopes in the area: http://www.luzern.com/de/winter-schlitteln

    More info on the following web sites: http://www.sattel-hochstuckli.ch/ and

  4. We like going to Brunni, which is a bit past Einsiedeln. It has a small sled run, perfect for my not-very-adventurous 5 and 6 year olds. Even my 9 year old enjoyed it. This year they have a conveyor-belt thing that they call a “Magic Carpet” that pulls kids and sleds uphill so they don't have to waste time dragging their sleds, falling in the snow and so one. A day pass for the belt is CHF 10 for kids and CHF 13 for adults.

    There is also a very easy ski slope bordering on the sled run.


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