Oeschinensee: How to Visit, Hikes & Insider Tips

Practical tips for visiting this gorgeous lake in the Bernese Oberland including how to skip the line, hiking maps, best activities, and where to eat and stay.

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable Swiss experience, look no further than Oeschinensee, one of the prettiest lakes in Switzerland. We’ve visited this lake many times, bringing friends and family here to admire it’s super blue water nestled amidst majestic mountain peaks.

This alpine lake is easy to reach for all ages and abilities thanks to a gondola and easy path to the lakeshore. Many spend the day here lounging with a picnic, swimming, renting a boat to row across the lake, or soaking in the view from one of the restaurants. 

If you enjoy hiking, we suggest the spectacular panorama trail that traverses the mountain high above the water. For a little thrill, make sure to ride the mountain coaster, one of the most scenic rides in Switzerland.

Keep reading for everything you need to know to plan your Oeschinensee visit and tips for success.

Region:   Bernese Oberland, Switzerland
Address: Kandersteg – Oeschinensee gondola
Öschistrasse 50, 3718 Kandersteg CH
By car: Metered parking next to cable car station: 46°29’49.7″N 7°40’55.8″E
40 mins from Interlaken, 1hr from Bern, 2hr from Zurich
By train: Train station: Kandersteg then 1km walk to cable car
1hr30 from Interlaken or Bern, 2hr20 from Zurich HB
Trail: 2km from gondola to lake
Time: one way to lake about 40 mins / about 4 hours for this outing
Difficulty: easy
Condition: wide dirt road to lake, hiking trails vary
Elevation: lake at 1583m
Open: summer season: May to October
winter season: mid Dec to early March
Cost 2024: gondola: Adult CHF 32, Child CHF 15
discount with Swiss Travel Pass, GA, Half Fare
Extras: restaurants, mountain coaster, playground, picnic area with fire, lockers
More info:  www.oeschinensee.chwebcamweather


How to get there

Oeschinensee is located southwest of Interlaken, in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland (see on Google Maps). 

By train

Take the train to the Kandersteg, Bahnhof station. From Interlaken, it takes 1h12 with one change in Spiez. This connection runs hourly. See train schedule to Kandersteg on

From the train station, it’s about 15 min walk to the gondola station as shown on the map below (see on Google maps). It’s easy to find. Simply follow the signs or the other people walking there.

Tip! Don’t wait for the bus

Although there is technically a bus from the train station to the gondola, it runs very infrequently and it’s not coordinated with the train schedule. It’s much better and quicker to walk to the gondola. 

By car

Drive to Kandersteg and follow signs to the Oeschinensee cable car (Oeschistrasse 50, 3718 Kandersteg). From the main road through the village, you will turn onto a narrow road leading towards the mountains.

There are multiple parking lots next to the gondola station, so don’t worry if they look full. If you drive past the cable car station, you’ll see overflow parking in a big grassy field. Don’t forget to pay for the parking!!! You can pay with coins at the meter machines or via an app.

overflow parking lot next to Kandersteg-Oeschinensee gondola station

Tip! Use a parking mobile app.

There’s often a long line at the parking meter, particularly with tourists that don’t understand how to use the machine. Instead, using the EasyPark app, which works for many Switzerland parking lots.

In the app, you enter your car license number (even for a rental car) and credit card number. When you park, open the app, confirm your parking location and set the duration of the parking. If you end up staying longer than planned, you can easily adjust your parking time via the app.

Overview map

This map shows the important elements of a visit to Oeschinensee. From Kandersteg in the valley, you ride a gondola up the mountain. At the top station, there is a restaurant, toilets, and the mountain coaster behind the gondola station.

To reach the lake, you walk on the dirt road (blue line), following signs to Oeschinensee. At the lake, you’ll find rocky beaches, picnic areas, restaurants, and hotel. If you want a mountain hike, you can follow the red line for the panorama trail above the lake. All of this is explained in more detail below.

Gondola ticket prices

To reach Oeschinensee, most people start by ride the gondola up the mountain. Compared to other Swiss mountains, the Kandersteg-Oeschinensee gondola is more affordable.

In 2024, an return ticket cost CHF 32/adult, CHF 16/child aged 6-15, under age 6 free. Dogs need a ticket for CHF 5. See website for current prices.

view of Kandersteg village, mountains and gondola car to Oechinensee
gondola from Kandersteg to Oechinensee


Discount 50% for Swiss Travel Pass, GA, Half Fare travelcards.

Discount 20% with guest card from your hotel or other accommodation in the area.

Free for kids aged 6-15 ride with the SBB Junior Card. But you can’t get the free ticket for them online or at the automated machines. Instead, buy your tickets then go to the gondola “Fast Lane” (not ticket booth). Show your ticket and the Junior Card. They will give you a ticket to use for your child. 

Free with Berner Oberland Pass. This travel pass covers all public transport and most mountain transport in the Berner Oberland region for set number of days. This is a great option if you are traveling for several days in the Bernese Oberland Region (including Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, etc.).

For example: If you were staying in Interlaken, it would cost CHF 52 for your round trip ticket to Kandersteg and CHF 30 for your gondola ticket. Total CHF 82. If you bought the travel pass for 6 days at CHF 330, your average daily cost would be CHF 55.

See more Switzerland budget travel tips

Skip the line with eTickets. 

Ticket lines at Oeschinensee can be long. So it’s best to buy your gondola tickets on the Oeschinensee website. If you are traveling by train, you can purchase your whole journey, including the train and gondola ride on the SBB Mobile App or website. 

In either case, you get a QR code (bring on your phone or printed) that you can scan directly at the gondola entrance. You don’t have to exchange a voucher at the ticket booth. Online tickets can be used any day until the end of current summer season. You can even buy these online tickets while you are waiting in the ticket line. 

There are also a few automated ticket machines, which typically have a shorter line than the in-person ticket booth. You can change the language to English so you understand what is happening.

Hike up from Kandersteg

If you want to skip the gondola (or its not running), you can hike up from Kandersteg on a dirt path below the gondola. The hike adds 2km and 450m of elevation gain to the easy 2km from the gondola to the lake.

There are a few benefits: you save money, you can go when the gondola isn’t running (sunrise, sunset, off season), and you can get a little exercise. I wouldn’t hike this (particularly with kids) because I’d rather spend my effort up at the lake. But I know lots of people who have hiked it and enjoyed it. 

There’s also a private road leading to the lake, but often this road is closed to pedestrians because of rockslide danger. So best to check the SchweizMobil website for any warnings and trail closures. See a suggested route that skips the gondola.

Mountain coaster

At the top of the gondola, you’ll find the summer toboggan ride just behind the gondola station. I suggest riding this before you walk out to the lake because the lines can get really long in the afternoon.

The alpine slide is 750m long, descending 150m of elevation. One ride costs CHF 6/adult or buy a 5 pack for a small discount. Before 11:30 am, tickets are cheaper, only CHF 4/adult. You can buy tix online so you can skip the line.

summer toboggan ride at top of Kandersteg-Oeschinensee gondola
summer toboggan ride at top of Kandersteg-Oeschinensee gondola

Tip! Ride the mountain coaster in the morning. Lines are much shorter in the morning and it’s discounted before 11:30 am. So instead of saving it for the end of your day, do it first thing. 

See more mountain coasters in Switzerland

Trail to the lake

The lake is not directly at the top of the gondola. You have to walk about 30 mins to get to the lakeshore. There are two paths that lead to the water. Most people take the easy walk on a gravel service road directly to the water. If you have a stroller, you should take this route.

If you prefer a quieter footpath, follow my trail map below that goes to the lake on a footpath and returns on the service road. See map on Komoot.

Shuttle to lake

If you prefer not to walk to the lake (good option for those with limited mobility), you can pay to ride a little shuttle bus to the lakeshore or back. The shuttle gives priority to those with reduced mobility. It can accommodate wheelchair users.

It costs CHF 10/adult one way. Since the way back is mostly uphill, it may make more sense to ride the shuttle only on the way back. Learn more.

Photo story of walk to lake

To access the lake, head out on the dirt road toward the mountains, following signs to Oeschinensee. 

You start on a dirt service road. If you have a stroller or have trouble walking on uneven surfaces, stay on the dirt road. 

Otherwise, you can take the footpath that branches off to your left, after a few minutes on the road. I like that path better because it has a little variety as shown here.

When you reach the restaurant you see in the picture below, the trail splits again. There is a trail that goes straight down in front of the restaurant.

Here’s the lake shore, lots of room to spread out. Depending on what time you come, the water level may be higher or lower than shown here. The lakeshore can be very rocky and dusty, so I recommend bringing a soft blanket to sit on.

When you are ready to leave, follow the service road back to the gondola. It’s always more uphill than I remember and we are all huffing and puffing on our way back up. If you are too tired, you can ride the shuttle back to the gondola. It runs every 30 mins and costs CHF 8/adult.

Things to do at Oeschinensee

At the lake shore, you will find a restaurant, row boats to rent, a picnic area with fire pits, a sculpture garden and lots of places to lounge. 

Stroll the lakeside

I’d guess that most people that visit Oeschinensee simply stroll, take lots of pictures, and perhaps find a nice spot to lounge with a view. If that’s all you do, it was definitely a day well spent!

If you walked on the service road, it leads you to the busiest part of the lake where you’ll find the restaurants and big picnic area. Many people stop here and don’t explore farther. It’s very nice but I think it’s a bit nicer if you keep following the road for a bit the forest.

After just a couple minutes, you’ll exit the forest at this nice rocky beach. Many people will sunbath here and have picnics. There are also lots of trees for shade and more room to spread out. This area can also get crowded, but I think the view is a little nicer than over by the restaurants.

Picnic at the lake

There are several official and unofficial picnic areas along the lakeshore, some with tables and fire pits. If you need to pick up supplies before your visit, you can shop at the Coop grocery near the Kandersteg train station (see on map).

Visit the waterfall

In spring, when the snow is melting and the lake level is low, a huge waterfall spills down to the lake and you can walk over to investigate a little closer. It’s a lot of fun and worth the small extra effort to explore this area. This pic was taking the first week of June 2019.

However, by July, the lake is so full that the path to the waterfall is underwater. You can see in the photo below how the water level goes almost all the way to the trees and covers the path. Also, sometimes the waterfall dries up by the late summer. There was no waterfall when we visited end of July. But another time in mid August, the waterfall was still going strong. 

Swim in Oeschinen lake

Every time I go to Oeschinensee, I think I won’t want to swim, but I always do once I get there. So bring your swimsuit and towel just in case. If it’s a warm summer day, you’ll see lots of people jumping in and you won’t want to miss out. 

The water is icy cold and you won’t want to stay in long. There’s no changing room, so bring a big towel if you want a little privacy. Don’t forget sunscreen and a plastic bag for your wet things so your backpack doesn’t get soaked.

See more Swiss alpine lakes for swimming

Rent a rowboat

Renting a rowboat may be the nicest way to explore the lake. You can escape the crowds and explore the far corners of the lake that you cannot reach by foot. 

In 2023, rowboats cost CHF 19/30 mins and CHF 29/60 mins. They are open from 10:30 – 16:00. You cannot make a reservation; just wait in line until one is available. They provide life vests. They may close the rentals due to bad weather. See more info on Berghaus Arva website.

Short wander to higher viewpoint

Even if you don’t want to go on a long hike, I suggest wandering up the panorama trail from the lake. You’ll get a little above the lake for a different perspective and pass by another waterfall and river if you walk far enough. Even just 10 mins of walking is enough to make it worth it. We did this once when we were short on time and had a visitor with us.

Fishing at Oeschinensee

You can purchase daily or weekly fishing permits from the restaurants at Oeschinensee. They do not rent or sell equipment or bait. A fishing permit for one day costs CHF 32/adult, CHF 26/youth (17-25), CHF 20/child (under 16). Learn more.

Hikes at Oeschinensee

Panorama trail – most popular!

Our favorite hike at Oeschinensee is the Panorama Trail high above the lake. Many pictures you see of Oeschinensee are taken from this trail, giving you a bird’s eye view of the lake. We’ve done this hike several times with our kids and friends and it’s one of our very favorite hikes in Switzerland!

hiker on the panorama trail above the Oeschinensee with mountain views
viewpoint on the panorama trail

The hike is an 8.5 km loop, starting from the gondola station. It has some steep climbs, ascending and descending about 430m. The path is moderate difficulty with some steep climbs and uneven terrain. It has a few exposed sections with steep slopes to one side and no barrier, which may make some feel uncomfortable. 

It’s suitable for casual hikers and children 6+ with hiking experience. Best done with good hiking shoes. If that sounds within your skill level, I highly recommend it. See a Panorama trail hiking map.

Oeschinensee lake as seen from Panorama trail

Hike to Blümlisalp mountain hut

If you want to visit higher elevations, you can hike up to the Blümlisalp mountain hut. From the top of the gondola, it’s a 7.9 km, gaining 1250m of elevation. You can have lunch here and hike back or perhaps stay overnight. See Blümlisalphütte website for details.

By Trldp – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Via Alpina Stage 13

If you want a challenging hike, you may like the Via Alpine Stage 13 that hikes over a neighboring mountain pass before reaching the Oeschinensee.

The hike starts in Griesalp, hikes up to the Blüemlisalp mountain hut at 2840m. Then down towards the Oeschinensee, eventually joining the panorama trail to the lake. Then continuing all the way to Kandersteg. The full route is 17 km, 1450m up and 1700m down, about 7h30. Experienced hikers only.

Learn more about Via Alpine Stage 13.

Planning your visit

Where to eat

There are three restaurants and cafés at the lake. We always eat the Berghotel Oeschinensee, which has the nicest view in my opinion. It used to have table service, but I heard it’s self-service now as their staff was tired of poor treatment by rude customers. Please be nice!  You should reserve a table, especially on weekends and for groups larger than 4. 

If you can’t get a table, there is a kiosk next to this restaurant with snacks, sausages and ice cream for takeaway. See menu.

If you want to eat at one of the restaurants overlooking the lake, best to book a table ahead, particularly if you have a large group. You can book a table online with Berghotel Oeschinensee. I didn’t see online booking for Arva, the other restaurant near the lake. But you could call them and ask. In either case, ask if you can reserve a table outside with a view of the lake.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Oeschinensee!

Where to stay

There are many hotels in this region, both in the Kandersteg village and near the lake. My first choice would be the Berghotel Oeschinensee directly on the lake. In Kandersteg, we stayed once at Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria, which had an indoor pool and wonderful breakfast buffet.

For a special adventure, you can hike up to the Blümlisalphütte and stay overnight in this remote alpine hut. From the top of the gondola, it’s a 7.9 km hike to the hut, gaining 1250m of elevation. Best to reserve a few weeks in advance as they can book out quickly. See Blümlisalphütte website for details

When to visit Oeschinensee

The summer season is from early May through mid October. For hiking, it’s possible that the panorama trail and higher elevations may have snow until mid June or later. So check the trail status for making firm plans.

The cable car runs generally from 8:30 to 17:00 (until 18:00 from mid June to mid Sept). I suggest arriving by at least 9:00 to get good parking and avoid the long lines. But even that early, I’ve still seen lines at the entrance, so it’s not a guarantee.

Tip: Leave early. If possible, I would try to leave a bit early in the day, maybe 14:00. The line for the gondola down the mountain can get very long in the late afternoon. We waited about 30 mins last time we went in July at about 15:00. 

Oeschinensee is extremely popular and can get very crowded, especially on sunny weekends. If possible, it’s best to visit this lake on a weekday, preferably in June or September. But if you must go on a nice Sunday in July, you should still go.

Oeschinensee in fall

One of our favorite trips to the Oeschinensee was in the middle of November on an unusually warm day. The grassy meadows had turned golden brown, the larch trees had turned yellow, and the peaks were dusted in snow. It was so beautiful and so different from our other visits in summer.

Even though the gondolas officially close in late October, if the weather is nice, they may stay open on weekends through mid November. Check the current opening times.

Oeschinensee in winter

You can also visit Oeschinensee in winter. The cable car usually runs from mid December to early March. Even if you aren’t skiing, you can walk a snowy winter trail to the lake. If the lake freezes, you can walk and skate on the ice, usually only in January. See current winter offers at Oeschinensee.

Nearby places to visit

Oeschinensee is an easy day trip from Interlaken and Jungfrau Region. See our other favorite hikes near Interlaken.

Kandersteg is part of the Adelboden-Lenk holiday region. See hikes we like in this region.

If you loved Oeschinensee, you might enjoy some of our other favorite lakes in Switzerland.


Is Oeschinensee accessible for wheelchairs and strollers?

The Oeschinensee gondola is wheelchair accessible with assistance from the staff. Strollers can be taken on the gondola but must be folded.

The path to the lake is obstacle-free and possible with a stroller or wheelchair. However, the road is a bit steep at times and would require good brakes. It’s probably better for wheelchair users to use the lake shuttle bus, which gives priority to those with reduced mobility. 

Can you bring your dog to Oeschinensee?

Yes, dogs are welcome at Oeschinensee. You do need to purchase a gondola ticket for your dog for CHF 5 (SBB Dog Pass valid here). Dogs should be on the leash, particularly in any field that has cattle and on mountain trails to protect the safety of other hikers.

Can I swim in Oeschinensee?

Yes, swimming is allowed at the Oeschinensee. But the water is always very cold, even in summer. There are no changing room facilities and no lifeguard on duty.

What should 

Can I store my luggage somewhere?

The Kandersteg train station has 18 lockers. The bigger size is 31.7 x 61.5 x 75.0 and costs CHF 5/day. The Kandersteg-Oeschinensee gondola has lockers at both the valley and mountain station.

Do I have to book ahead to visit Oeschinensee?

No, you do not have to book tickets in advance for Oeschinensee. Tickets do not sell out and can always be purchased on site. However, you can avoid long lines by purchasing tickets online, even the same day. 

Can you drive to Oeschinensee lake?

No. To reach the lake, you can either ride a gondola up or hike up the mountain. There is a private road leading to the lake, but is only for service vehicles. 

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  1. Planning my first trip to Switzerland and I came across your blog. Honestly, thank you for so much detail! This is the best information on the internet about Switzerland. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It makes all the planning so much easier as I tend to stress about details :D.

    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for coming back here and leaving such a nice message. Yay!

  2. Just went Oeschinensee at the end of January and the lake was completely frozen and you could walk all the way…what an amazing place! Thank you for your detailed description of what to expect, my wife was worried at first but after reading your article she got confident and excited and she loved it!

    1. So wonderful that you were able to visit Oeschinensee in winter! I went this week and walked on the frozen ice. Absolutely magical!

  3. Oooooo girl! Excellent advice and details on your amazing website. We are doing our family trip this year to Switzerland just short of a full 2 weeks in early September. This will be my first trip to Europe. My husband is a BASE jumper so he’s been a couple times. We are staying primarily in Lauterbrunnen but plan to do day trips and hikes with our 11 yr old son. I am reading ALL the day planning, hikes, and coaster info and trying to narrow down what we can fit into our trip without overdoing it and including some spa/downtime. My bucket list included Lindt museum, the longest and/or fastest mountain coaster, best/memorable dinner restaurants, and of course trying new things. Did you have a specific page of must see and try section while in Switzerland? Food recommendations etc?

    1. Hi Nichole, There are so many great things to do in Switzerland, it’s not really possible to pick a small list of “must do” things. It depends more on where you are staying and on what types of things your group likes to do. You might find my Bernese Oberland posts helpful:

  4. Hello, can you confirm please whether one can take just a one way ticket for the gondola and hike down by foot instead of riding true gondola again? Thank you

    1. Yes, that’s possible. You can see the trail options down from Oeschinensee to Kandersteg on their website.

  5. Hi, I am curious on how to make a reservation at these lake side restaurants as you suggested?

    1. Hi. Berghotel Oeschinensee has online booking here:

  6. Hi! Are there toboggan runs near Lucerne or in the Jungfrau region that we can hike to or can drive directly to (ie. without having to pay for another expensive cable car or gondola ride)? I see for this one there’s a hike option but it’s a long, steep one.

    1. You might find my Alpine Coaster post helpful: The coasters that don’t require a gondola are not near Lucerne or Jungfrau Region. They are Atzmännig, Kronberg and Pradaschier in Eastern Switzerland and Robella in northwest Switzerland.

  7. Thank you so much for this site!
    I saw that the hike without the cable car is 1.5 hours, is it only one way? And return the same way?

    1. Hi. I included a trail map for hiking up to the lake without the gondola. It’s about 2.2 km to hike from the bottom to the top of the gondola. Then another 1.5 km to the lake. Total time about 90-120 mins depending on how fast you hike. You could return the way you came or follow the loop in my trail map:

  8. Hey Tanya,

    It is written that the opening day is May 14th. Could it change? we are going to be in the area, just few days before. Is it possible to get there without the funicolor?

    1. Sorry for my late reply. Yes, sometimes the opening dates change based on the weather conditions. Best to check the website for current status.

  9. Hi, do you know if it is possible to get by car to Rodelbahn? Or you can only take cable car there(except from walk of course)?

    1. No, it’s a private road leading up to the rodelbahn, only allowed for residents and service vehicles. You have to take the gondola.

    1. The gondola is open for winter season through 22 March 2020. You can see the schedule here:

  10. Great article!

    Where would you recommend we stay for 3 nights with good access to this day hike? Is the Interlaken area a good home base? FYI: We are family with 3 small children and grandparents in-tow. 🙂

    1. Yes, Interlaken would be a good base, as you would have quick access to other mountains as well. Oeschinensee is about a 45 min drive from Interlaken, 1hr10 by train.

  11. Hi,
    I can see from the photo you have posted is that there are 3 things,
    1. Alphine Swing
    2. Path to the lake
    3. Panorama loop
    can you please let me know what is the panorama loop and is it enough to do all 3 things in 4 hours.

    1. The panorama trail is detailed in a separate post: This includes the path to the lake, just a longer hike. The Panorama trail took us about 3 hours. So I think in 4 hours you can probably do the alpine slide and the hike.

  12. Hi
    I know in November the cable-car is closed, but do you know if I am still able to get to the lake from Kandersteg by walking?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you can walk up the road from Kandersteg to the lake, its about 3 km with about 400m elevation descent. My friend walked down it last week and said it was quite steep and rather unpleasant. But I know lots of people do it. The trails seem clear at the moment. All restaurants and services will be closed.

    1. Yes, unless there is a fire ban for dryness, which would be indicated by signs. Of course, you should make a fire pit to safety. You’ll find lots of fire pits all around this area so use one of those if you can.

  13. Hi Tanya,
    I discovered your website few weeks ago and I took your advice for a trip to Lauterburnnen. I must say it was splendid!!! The tips and the details you have put on your webiste are so good, it makes the whole planning stuff piece of cake 🙂 Thank you so much for this good work.
    I am planning this small hike (probably extend it the panorama trail if my wife agrees to walk :P) to Öschinensee. I was wondering if one could skip the cable car and walk the way up to the lake?

    1. So happy I could help! Yes, you can walk up from Kandersteg to the lake instead of riding the cable car. I think it’s on a dirt road and not nearly as scenic as above, but it’s certainly a good way to save some francs. If possible I would spend your energy on the panorama hike instead. It’s really special! But whatever you do, it will be beautiful and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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  15. This looks wonderful. We have a day to drive from Colmar to Chamonix….would you recommend this hike as a stop along the way. The drive is approx. 5 hours and I wonder if this would be a worthwhile stop. Assuming the hike and whole trip can be completed under 2 hours? Or would you have another recommendation. Thanks. Mona

    1. It would be a long day but it looks like Kandersteg is on the way to Chamonix, so it would be convenient. If you do just the short walk to the lake, it shouldn’t take that long. But you have to factor in riding up the cable car, picture taking time, etc. If you are on a very tight schedule, I’d skip it. But if you are a little flexible, I think it would be worth a visit.

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    It’s just great!

    We will try one of your trip soon!

    Letizia Jung and little Leonardo

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