Children’s picture books about Switzerland

Our suggestions for illustrated children books set in the Swiss alps, inspiring kids to explore the mountains.

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Children’s books are a fun way to learn about Swiss culture and the alps. Below are several suggestions of picture and comic books that explore various aspects of Switzerland, mostly by Swiss authors. You can find many of these at the library if you prefer not to buy them.

Also, many mountains in Switzerland have fairy tales or children’s stories that belong to that region. In this case, the local gift shops often sell a picture book,  and other paraphernalia that go along with the story. Look for these as you travel.

1. Globi comics

This sassy blue parrot is Switzerland’s mascot for children, with dozens of books, lots of merch and several theme trails, including the Engelberg Brunni Globi Treasure Hunt and Lenzerheide Globi Trail. I’d suggest starting with these Globi books set in Switzerland: Globi on the AlpGlobi’s Trip through Switzerland and Globi in the Heart of Switzerland.

2. Schellen Ürsli

This is the classic Swiss children’s book, telling the story of a young boy who treks in winter to his family’s mountain hut to retrieve a super large cow bell for a village festival so he won’t be mocked for his tiny bell. You can get this book in English at Orell Füssli

The story is set in the real village of Guarda, which looks exactly like the illustrations in the book. The town has a Schellen Ursli theme trail to go along with the book, with activities matching different parts of the story. The same team created another book called Flurina and the Wild Bird, which also has a theme trail in the Engadin region.

3. “Wimmel” books

A Wimmelbuch is a popular book style in Switzerland. It’s like a scavenger hunt with big pages full of busy illustrations where you can search for a list of items. For Switzerland, you might like Mein Wimmelbuch z’Alp and Das große Schweiz Wimmelbuch

Here are a few region specific ones: Wallis (including Zermatt), Gstaad, Thunersee , Arosa, Aargau. Perhaps one specific to the city or region you live near: Zürich, Luzern, Basel, Bern, Aargau. You can even create a personalized Wimmelbuch on

4. Wolli & the story of the first ascent of the Matterhorn

Wolli, this adorable sheep, is Zermatt’s mascot and host of the Wolli Park adventure playground at Sunegga and Wolli ski area for beginners. In this illustrated children’s book, Wolli tells the story of the first ascent up the Matterhorn. Buy this book on Amazon.deBuchhaus (in English).

5. Gian and Gianchen – Steinbock of Graubünden

These goofy mountain goats are the mascots of the Graubünden region, starring in a few silly commercials promoting hikes in the Graubünden area. There are three children’s illustrated story books with these characters. I found one in English at Orell Füssli: Gian and Gianchen and the Missing Marmot. See all the Gian & Gianchen products on the Graubünden tourism website.

the covers of fives books with illustrations of mountain goats

6. Muggestutz

The Haslital region has two theme trails that go along with the Muggestutz books, which tell stories about the mythical dwarves that live in this region. We particularly like the Muggestutz trail from Mägisalp to Reuti. You can purchase the picture books, audio books and other items in their online shop (German only). The Hasliberg Muggestutz page promotes children’s activities and coloring pages related to the stories.

four children's books with illustrations of dwarves

7. Asterix in Switzerland

For older children, you could get this comic from the popular due Asterix and Obelix, where they visit Switzerland in 50 B.C. Buy at Orell FüssliBook Depository

8. Gotthard tunnel

If your child is interested in transportation and you have driven through the Gotthard tunnel on your way to Lugano or Italy, they might like this picture book telling the story about how the Gotthard tunnel was built. Buy on

9. The Big Swiss Colouring Book

If you want to inspire your children to go outdoors, you could start with coloring places you want to go. The Big Swiss Coloring Book has 80 lovely hand-drawn illustrations of places all over Switzerland. The Little Swiss Coloring Book is a smaller version more suitable for travel.

10. Smuggli & Engelbert – Adventure at the Trübsee

Engelberg Trübsee has a great new theme trail for children, around the theme of smugglers. In their gift shop, they sell an illustrated children’s book about Smuggli & Engelbert, two characters you follow along the trail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere to buy this online. But maybe pick it up if you go skiing before Christmas or next summr when you hike there.

Here’s the entrance to the theme trail at the Trübsee lake.

For more Swiss children’s books, see:

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  1. Dear Tanya,

    I hope you are doing well.

    My name is Keyshav Mor and I am originally from India. I live in Switzerland for about 4 years and I work as a software engineer in Zurich while also studying at ETH Zurich.

    I really like your website. I stumbled upon it when I was researching primary school education and kids’ books in Switzerland. I think you have very in-depth knowledge about kids’ books, their lives and in general the family life in Switzerland. I find that very fascinating.

    I am currently working on a startup idea to introduce augmented reality-based immersive education for primary and secondary school students in Switzerland and I am looking to understand more about what books children use, the relevant publishers in the domain and also families’ attitude towards technology in education in general.

    I am not sure if I am right, but I have a feeling that you seem to have a good understanding of the lives of young children in Switzerland and I would love to talk to you about my project. Please let me know if this would be okay. I hope I am not asking too much of your valuable time.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Keyshav. I’d suggest finding a Swiss teacher is more familiar with education materials than I am. My kids are much older now and I’m not as immersed in those materials anymore.

  2. Hi I’m trying to find more books about ‘Marmotine’ printed for Swiss airlines sometime ago, which I bought in a book bundle about 8 years ago. My daughter’s friend is an avid fan of Marmots and I wondered if there were more in the series? Many thanks.

    1. HI Annabelle, sorry but I’m not familiar with the Marmotine books. I’ll keep my eye out.

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When you book something through our links, it costs you the same but we earn a small commission. This support helps us keep our website free to use. Thanks!

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