Engelberg Trübsee • Easy walk around mountain lake & theme trail

An easy walk around an alpine lake with mountain views. Many amusements for children including a theme trail, huge playground, tall jump into an air pillow and pony rides. Suitable for strollers.

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This easy walk around a beautiful lake surrounded by mountain peaks is perfect for families and anyone that wants a super easy hike with great views. This trail is particularly good for kids as there are six play stations along the trail, a huge playground, trampolines, a big jump into an airpillow, pony rides and other amusements. The trail is obstacle free, suitable for strollers. You can also combine this with a visit to the top of Titlis, to walk on a glacier, visit the ice caves and soak in the panoramas. 

Location:   Central Switzerland, Engelberg
Start/End: Engelberg-Trübsee gondola
Car: Parking: Gerschnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg
35 mins from Lucerne, 1hr10 from Zurich
Train: Bus stop: Engelberg, Titlisbahn
1hr from Luzern, 1hr50 from Zurich
Trail: 3.2 km loop, about 1.5 hr walking time
Condition: dirt/gravel, suitable for all-terrain strollers
Skill: super easy
Services: playground, fire pits, restaurant, theme trail
Cost 2021: Gondola return ticket CHF 36 /adult
SBB GA, Half-fare, Junior cards & Tell Pass accepted
Open: June thru October
More info: www.titlis.ch • webcam

Check out our video of our day at the Trübsee:


This hike is located in the Engelberg area in central Switzerland, south of Lucerne (see Engelberg on Google maps). The hike is accessed by the Titlis gondola (not the Engelberg Brunni cable car on the other side of town).

You ride the cable car from Engelberg to the Trübsee middle station, where you’ll find a restaurant with a large patio and play area for kids. The hike starts just below the restaurant. For a longer day, you could ride the cable car up to the Titlis glacier before or after your hike. On your way home, you could stop at Gerschnialp and ride a trotti scooter back down to Engelberg.

Trail map

The hike loops around the Trübsee lake on a relatively smooth dirt path, suitable for all terrain strollers. The interactive stations are scattered all the way around the trail.


At the Trübsee gondola station (the big white building in the pic below), there is a self-service restaurant with a big terrace with lounge chairs. It also has a small play area for kids and a “bag jump” where you jump off a high platform into a huge inflated pillow. Along the lake, there are a few picnic areas with tables and grills with wood. The best picnic area is at the big playground is near the end of the trail (shown in the picture below). There is one restaurant along the trail next to the chair lift: Untertrübsee restaurant. There are toilets at at the chair lift and portable toilets at the picnic areas.

Getting there

Engelberg is well connected by roads and public transportation.

By car: Drive to Gerschnistrasse 12, 6390 Engelberg, following signs to the Titlisbahn. Park in the large parking lot adjacent to the cable car station. It costs CHF 5 for the day, payable at a machine (cash or card) near the parking.

By train: From Lucerne main train station, then a train to Engelberg, then bus 300 to Engelberg, Titlisbahn. This connection runs about once an hour. Instead of the bus, you can walk from the Engelberg train station, which takes about 10 mins as shown on the map below.

Ticket prices 

To reach the trail, you need to ride up the cable car from the Engelberg valley to Trübsee. In 2021, it costs CHF 36 for an adult return ticket.

Discounts: 50% off for SBB GA, Half-fare, Bernese Oberland Regional Pass, Swiss Travel Pass, and children aged 6-16. Tell Pass rides free. Children under 6 and children with a Junior cards ride free. 10% discount with Engelberg Guest Card. No discount with SBB Day Passes or Gemeinde GA Passes.

Dogs: Large dogs with a shoulder height over 30cm require a ticket, CHF 9 for a Engelberg-Trübsee return ticket.

Options: If you also want to ride up to the Titlis glacier before or after your hike, instead buy a return ticket to Titlis. Your stop Trübsee for the hike is included in this ticket. In 201, the return ticket to Titlis costs CHF . This adult full-fare return ticket costs CHF 92, which includes getting off a Trübsee to do your hike. More about Titlis here.

Opening times

The Engelberg-Trübsee gondola runs daily from 8:30-17:15 year round. The Trübsee trail is typically open for hiking from June to mid-October. But in early and late season, check the trail status to make sure there is no snow. The Trübsee loop trail is also open as a winter walk, usually from late December to mid May.

Schmuggli theme trail

At the ticket office or restaurant, children can get a free “Schmuggler Karte” map, as shown below. At each of the six play stations around the lake, they find a letter and record it on the map. 

At the end of the day, you can visit the gift shop in the valley station and exchange your completed map for a prize: a little stuffed animal, a hat or card game. This was in 2021, so the prizes and activities may have changed.

Photo story of the trail

Starting the trail

One you exit the cable car at Trübsee, leave the main building and walk on the trail toward the lake.

When you reach the lake, you’ll see these row boats available for rental. The sign says that it’s self-service, drop the money in the box. The rules about where you can row and dock the boat are listed on the sign. Save this for after your hike.

There is a big picnic area with grills right at the beginning of the trail. There are other picnic areas so don’t stop now.

When you are ready to hike, start walking counter-clockwise around the lake.

Lots of cows on the trail the day we were there.

Pretty in mid-July.

We also did this trail in early October one year, just as beautiful but in a different way.

Schmuggli theme trail

Here’s the first station of the Schmuggli theme trail.

Climbing through the obstacle course and sending a coin down the path into the treasure box as a donation.

Each station had a story (German only). This one told about the monk who was so strong, he could carry a whole barrel of salt.

View from the far side of the lake, looking up to the Titlis glacier.

At the far side of the lake, just keep following the path along the water.

There is a fountain here with drinkable water.

A playground and picnic area along the trail. There are fire pits with grills and wood. There was also a toilet.

Another play station, this one with water play. The story here tells about the search for gold here.

Gorgeous views in every direction.

Loved relaxing in these hammocks along the trail.

Here is the Untertrübsee restaurant near the Jochpass chair lift.

Lots of outdoor seating with a view.

Big playground

The big playground near the end of the trail. 

Here’s the map of the playground area. You will find one letter for your treasure hunt here. We got frustrated, so I’ll give you tip: it’s near the big slide.

It’s a big playground, you could spend a lot of time here.

Lounge chairs and hammocks for the parents. Some people got into the water briefly. But the water is icy cold so no one stayed in very long.

There are a few picnic areas here with grills.

There’s free wood in this shack and an ax to cut it up.

Next to the playground they have donkey and pony rides for CHF 5.

Services at Trübsee gondola station

Back at the gondola station where they have a self-service restaurant and a big terrace with a view.

Here you’ll also find a few amusements including this big jump into an air pillow. As far as I could tell, it was free to use. There’s a minimum age for each jump height – over 6 for the 3m, over 8 for the 4.5m and over 14 for the 6m jump. 

There were also bouncy castles and a mini pumptrack on the terrace below the restaurant.

Also a trampoline. It may look different when you go.

There is also a small playground for little kids at the back of the terrace.

When you are ready to go, catch the gondola back down to Engelberg. Last ride down at 17:15, don’t miss it!

Also in Engelberg, you might also like the Globi Treasure Hunt trail across the valley

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9 Responses

  1. Your blog is AMAZING! We followed your recommendations to a tee when visiting the Jungfrau region and now I’m researching for the Luzern area. Do you know if you can swim in the lake on this hike in the summer?

    1. Maybe people jump in on a hot day, but there isn’t an official swimming area. I think it’s pretty cold water.

  2. Hi,
    first of all a big thank you for the website and your posts full of insightful information. It really helped us while preparing our short getaway trip to Switzerland with the kids!
    We did this trail last week, and the theme trail is there, with renewed play stations, and with a map+punch card as well, you can read about it at https://www.titlis.ch/en/activity/detail/adventure-playground/4485/71061
    The map is free, and you get a gift in the end. This is apparently a recent change, from July 2019, and we saw that all the playgrounds and amenities are quite new. There are bio-toilets, wood, and even an axe at the largest grill station. We also spotted a couple of marmots on the way 🙂

    1. Thanks for the report! I knew this trail had changed but I haven’t had a chance to go photograph it yet. If you have any photos of the new play equipment that you wouldn’t mind sharing for use on my post, email me at hello@swissfamilyfun.com . In any case, wishing you many more happy adventures wherever you travel.

  3. Is it free hiking from engelberg to trubsee then we purchase the return ticket of cable ride from trubsee to mount Tiltis in order to save money… Waiting for your kind reply…

    1. Yes, you can hike up from the Engelberg valley to the Trübsee for free. However, it’s 5 km and about 800 meters of elevation gain. And you wouldn’t save that much money. If you hiked both up and down to the Trübsee, this saves CHF 32 but that’s a lot of hiking.

      Instead I might suggest going to a less expensive mountain, like Stoos or Rigi, which also have amazing views. Good luck!

  4. Is the cable car to Trubsee is open End week of November? And How many minutes walk from cable car to Trubsee lake? thank you

    1. I’m pretty sure that the gondola from Engelberg to Trübsee is open year round. It’s less than a five minute walk to the Trübsee lake. There’s snow up there right now, not sure how long it will last. The website says the trail is open but check the website before you go out, just in case.

  5. What a fantastic experience! I grew up loving Knorrli! If you urged your Mom to buy enough soup they would give you a Knorrli keychain at the store!

    Wonderful pictures, even the ones in the fog.

    Today I’m here to tell you that you have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! 🎖 Congratulations, let’s celebrate! 🥂🍾

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