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This wonderful zoo has a wide variety of animals and plenty of indoor exhibits, making it fun to visit in all seasons and weather.

We have spent many happy days at the Zurich zoo has a wide variety of animals and a strong focus on natural habitats for them. There are plenty of indoor exhibits, making it fun to visit in all seasons. They have fantastic playgrounds, so fun that it’s sometimes hard to drag the kids off to see the animals.

As a parent, I like that even though the zoo is big, it’s still very walkable with interactive elements and play areas for restless kids. I grew up in San Diego and their world famous zoo is so large and hilly that you have to take a bus tour to see it all. But at Zurich zoo, you can easily stroll around and see most of it in a day without collapsing from exhaustion.

Through 15 March 2020, SBB Railaway is offering a 30% discount on both public transporation to the zoo and zoo entrance tickets. Book offer online at SBB Railaway.

Location:   Zurich City
Address: Zürichbergstrasse 219, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland
Car: ~15 mins from central Zurich, lots of metered parking
Train: Tram 5 or 6 to Zoo tram stop, about 20 mins from Zurich HB 
Open: year round
Prices: Adult CHF 26, Child 6 to 16 CHF 13, children under 6 free
Family ticket CHF 71
Services: lockers, stroller accessible and push carts available, mini train across zoo, multiple cafes and picnic areas, multiple playgrounds
More info:

Getting There

Zoo Zürich is located on the west side of Zürich city, easily accessible by tram or car.

By tram: From the Zürich main station, take tram 6 to the Zoo tram stop. The zoo entrance is about 400 m east of the tram stop. On Sundays, tram 5 from Bahnhof Enge also goes to the zoo, but check the schedule first.

If you are coming by public transportation, make sure to check for SBB Railaway offers that typically give a discount on both the travel and zoo tix. Through 15 March 2020, they are offering at 30% discount.

By car: Drive to Zürichbergstrasse 219, 8044 Zürich. There is lots of metered parking as shown on the map below (coins only, CHF 12 for 6 hours). On weekends and holidays, it’s best to get to the zoo by 9:00 to make sure you get a parking spot. On busy weekends, there is overflow parking near the Dolder ice rink and a bus shuttle to the zoo. In this case, there will be detour signs directing you to the open lots. More info about getting to the zoo on the Zoo Zürich website.

Parking map from Zoo Zürich website.


In 2020, tickets cost 26 CHF/adult, 13 CHF/child 6-16, children under 6 free. Family ticket for 2 adults, 2 children – CHF 71. They regularly offer discounts through their partners like Zürich Card, SBB Railaway, and Migros. See those offers here.

If you go more than three times a year, it’s worth it to buy a season pass. Before my kids were school age, I always had a season pass and went almost every week. With the pass, we could spend just an hour or two, visiting a couple of our favorites and playing on the playground. Then back home for a nap. No pressure to see every animal every time we went. I miss those days.

Planning your visit

The main part of the zoo is rather compact, with the elephant park and Masoala rain forest a little separated from the main area. You can enter and exit the Zoo at the main entrance near the street parking (middle left) or at the Masoala Rain Forest (bottom left). Here is a map of the zoo. Click to access the full map on the zoo website.

There’s no right way to visit the zoo, but here are some tips based on our experience.

Go early. I like to get to the zoo right when it opens before the crowds fill up the park. If your kids aren’t in school, definitely take advantage of the quiet weekday mornings, when toddlers rule the park.

Bring a picnic. There are so many outdoor and indoor picnic areas, many by playgrounds.

Go on rainy, cold days too. The zoo is a good option in bad weather because there are lots of indoor exhibits where you can stay dry and warm and still have a good time. The obvious choices are the aquarium (fish, penguins, reptiles, amphibians, birds), the gorilla/monkey house and the Masoala rain forest. You could spend several hours just in these areas. The zoo offers lots of private tours (some in English) and special events. In September, Zürich has the Late Night at the Museums event, which includes the Zoo Zürich. 

Plan a path that avoids the playgrounds, at first. We love the playgrounds at the zoo! But my kids love them so much that it can be difficult to convince them to see the animals. So I follow path that has us seeing a lot of animals until lunch time, then we settle into the playground for another couple hours before seeing more animals. If you enter through the main entrance, be sure to turn right. If you walk straight, the kids will definitely run into the playground before you see even one animal.


The zoo is stroller accessible and always has alternate routes when you encounter stairs. The zoo is getting so big, they’ve added a little bus train that transports you from the main entrance, to the elephant habitat, to the Masoala rain forest and back. It costs 2.- per person per ride. Under 6 ride free. There is a big booth at the back for wheelchairs and strollers. It runs about every 40 minutes.


Here are a few of our favorite things at Zoo Zürich. Since they are constantly building and improving, it’s possible there will be new exhibits open that I haven’t yet mentioned here. The new giraffe exhibit opens 9 April 2020. I’ll try to keep this post updated as much as possible. 

The new elephant habitat certainly lives up to the hype, with much more room for the herd to roam.

The facilities are beautiful, with plenty of viewing areas inside and out, even underwater. My only disappointment was that the presentation by zoo staff was done in Swiss German. I was expecting at least High German, which would be understood by a wider variety of people.

There are picnic tables next to the indoor elephant viewing area – so thoughtful! I used to have to sit uncomfortably on stairs while my kids watched the elephants getting washed.

My kids have spent many happy hours in the gorilla house, staring face to face with the gorillas through the glass. I love going when the babies are born. So sweet! The enclosure is old skool, small and a little sad. But happily, Zurich Zoo is building a new modern habitat for the primates, scheduled to open in 2020.

The tigers are usually sleepy but sometimes they walk right up to the glass and growl. The kids are scared but love it too.

From October to March, the zoo does a Penguin Parade in the afternoons when it’s cold enough, under 10C. This is definitely a fun event.

My kids always enjoy the animal feedings as well, particularly the penguins and seals. You can see the schedule here. They also do camel and pony rides in the afternoons, around 13:30 last time we were there.

The Masoala rain forest is an enclosure, hot (29 C) and humid forest, where animals roam free. You have to be a little patient to see the animals. But it’s fun when they suddenly jump onto a tree right next to you.

There are stairs to an overlook platform above the trees (no elevator, leave strollers below), well worth the climb.

Zoo Playgrounds

I’ve saved the best for last: the playgrounds. When I had the year pass, a few times we just played and didn’t see any animals. Oh well, the point was for my kids to have a good time, so mission accomplished.

They like best the playground near the Masoala rain forest, with its slides, climbing structures and sand and water play. We usually have our picnic here.

They also love the playground below the lion enclosure, with the climbing wall and zip line. The new playground near the main entrance is a climbing paradise. My kids race around the obstacle course, trying to beat each other’s time. There are several other small play areas scattered around the zoo.

Where to eat at Zoo Zürich

There are food stands and cafes scattered throughout the zoo and the prices are typical Swiss prices. If I don’t bring a picnic, we typically eat at the Pantanal self-serve restaurant, which is adjacent to the big playground near the main entrance. They’ve redone the inside, so it has a nice cosy atmosphere. For a special experience, our friend Kate at Mom in Zurich likes the Sunday brunch at the elephant habitat.

Zurich Zoo has a wide variety of animals with mostly natural habitats, lots of indoor exhibits good for rainy days, and fantastic playgrounds for the kids. - Zurich SwitzerlandDon’t forget to Pin this for later…

Zurich Zoo has a wide variety of animals with mostly natural habitats, lots of indoor exhibits good for rainy days, and fantastic playgrounds for the kids. - Zurich Switzerland


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