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A quick reference to all the hikes we did in the Engadin region during our 2020 summer holidays, including the Corvatsch Wasserweg and Val Roseg.

The Engadin St Moritz region in southeast Switzerland is a great choice for summer holidays, with many beautiful hikes suitable for casual hikers and families. Our family has done three summer trips to this area, visiting glaciers, alpine lakes, impressive mountain peaks and fun amusements like climbing parks. Here is an overview of the Engadin area, eight suggested hikes, where we stayed and other tips.

Overview of the Engadin region

The Engadin is a region in southeast Switzerland with St. Moritz as the hub. 

The Engadin has four main mountain areas to explore: Corvatsch, Corviglia-Piz Nair, Muottas Muragl, and Diavolezza. Each have their own websites for detailed info.

Here’s everything we did on the summer hiking map so you understand how they are located in relation to each other. This map is a free printed map available all over the region. I couldn’t find an online version. You can see all my Engadin trail maps here >>

The region is well connected by roads and public transportation. For perspective, from St. Moritz to Diavolezza, it’s about 20 mins by car and 35 mins by train. From St. Moritz to Corvatsch, it’s about 10 mins by car and 20 mins by bus. 

1. Corvatsch Panorama/Wasserweg trail

Big panorama views of the Engadin valley and a bunch of lovely little alpine lakes along the way. We’ve done this trail twice, both times combining the panorama trail from Corvatsch with the Furtschellas Wasserweg.

We saw a few people taking a short dip in the lakes on the Wasserweg section, but they are probably better just for a picnic.

Below is the trail we did in summer 2020, which I highly recommend. If you prefer to do a loop, you can start and end in Furtschellas and do the official Wasserweg loop.

See post: Furtschellas Wasserweg trail.

2. Corvatsch to Fourcla to Val Roseg trail

We chose this trail because we wanted to see Val Roseg, but we ended up seeing so much more than that. After less than an hour, you reach this beautiful viewpoint at the Fourcla pass.

Then a long descent into the Val Roseg with a view up the valley, rewarded by a delish meal at Hotel Val Roseg. Then an easy walk down the valley to Pontresina. Make sure to stop at this swing to enjoy one last view before it’s all over.

Here is the trail map, starting at the Corvatsch middle station and ending in Pontresina. You can use public transportation at both ends of the hike. If you need a shorter version, you can simply hike from Corvatsch Murtl to Fourclas, have a picnic or eat at the restaurant, then hike back. Total 4 km.

See post: Corvatsch Murtèl to Val Roseg hike

At Val Roseg, you can ride a horse carriage the remaining 7km to Pontresina. It’s expensive (CHF 20/adult) but might be worth it. For a longer adventure, you can hike to the hut and maybe stay overnight.

3. Piz Nair to Corviglia trail

I didn’t expect much from this hike, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite a nice hike. This area is more designed for mountain bikers than hikers, so this is one of only two trails for walkers from the top.

The highlight is near the end at the big reservoir that has extremely clear water reflecting the peaks.

I recommend the short extra climb to the Alpina Hütte mountain restaurant at Corviglia that has yummy food and a tiered terrace with fantastic views across the valley.

4. Muottas Muragl panorama trail

This panorama trail seemed to be a top choice for families in this area, perhaps because there’s a big playground at both ends of this relatively easy trail. The views were nice, but it was our least favorite of the trails we did this area, mostly because it was a little too busy.

The trail wraps around the mountain, with views across the valley. In this pic, you can see Pontresina and Val Roseg which we hiked another day.

Here is the trail map for this hike that starts at Muottas Muragl and ends at Furtschellas. After the hike, you can take a bus back to your starting point.

5. Diavolezza glacier

Easy and spectacular! This summer we just went up to admire the view after hiking somewhere else in the morning. The cable car drops you off at this amazing viewpoint where you can wander around to find a nice quiet spot for contemplation or a picnic. There is also a restaurant if you prefer.

But if you feel like hiking, I can recommend the short hike up to the highest fire pit in Europe that we did on our first visit here many years ago. Details for that in this post >>

6. Morteratsch Waterfalls – Cascada da Bernina

This short trail is a nice add-on to other hikes in the area. We did it after visiting Diavolezza. It’s only 500m each way, walking up the falls to various lookout points. 

I had a tough time convincing my crew to do this at the end of our day after already visiting two mountains. But they ended up liking it very much and we’re all glad we made the extra effort. The trail starts near at the Morteratsch parking, just after the first bridge. The path is well marked and easy to follow. More info on pontresina.ch

7. Morteratsch Boval Hut hike

On a previous trip to the Engadin, we hiked parallel to the Morteratsch glacier up to the Boval Hut, where we slept overnight. It’s only about 5 km each way, so you could do it as a day hike, eating lunch at the hut and returning the way you came.

See post: Boval hut hike

The trail is high up on the side of the mountain, so you get a nice bird’s eye view of the glacier.

8. St Moritz lake walk

In the evenings, I usually went for a stroll around Lake Moritz, which takes about 90 mins. The path is obstacle free and suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

One night, I took a detour up to the smaller, quieter Staz lake shown below, definitely recommended. 

The trail map shows the path around both lakes, which is about 7.6 km. If you only walk around Lake Moritz, then it’s only about 4.3 km.

There are lots of other little lakes hidden in the forests around St. Moritz. On my other early morning and late evening walks, I visited Lej Marsch and Lej Nair, which were lovely and worth the walk.

9. All-inclusive hiking pass

Hiking in the Engadin can very expensive for a family since most mountain transport here does not accept SBB GA, Half-fare cards or Junior cards. Corvatsch is the only one that does. However, the Engadin offers two types of hiking passes:

The Engadin Mountain Railways Inclusive pass includes free mountain transport in the entire Engadin region during your stay, if you stay overnight in one of the 100 participating hotels or other accommodations. We chose a hotel that included this offer.

Some of the hotels offer the All-Inclusive version of this pass, which includes mountain transport and public transportation in this area. Some hotels offer just the Public Transport included version of this pass. So make sure you know what is included when booking so there are no surprises.

The Engadin also offers a hiking pass which you can purchase for 2-6 days. For example, a 4 day pass costs CHF 173/adult. We would have paid CHF 517 for our family of four for 4 days.

You’ll have to do the math to figure out the best deal for your family. 

10. Where we stayed in the Engadin

We stayed at the River Inn B&B in St. Moritz because it was the most affordable accommodations that offered the Engadin Mountain Railways Inclusive pass. We would have normally rented an apartment, preferably in a quiet village. But we couldn’t find one available that included the mountain offer. So we chose the River Inn B&B, a budget hotel that included this offer.

I estimate that we could have paid about CHF 300 less by staying at an apartment without the pass for the 4 nights. But we would have spent more than that on the mountain tickets.

The River Inn B&B was not fancy, but it was recently renovated and very clean and the staff was very friendly. I thought the breakfast spread was quite nice, with some local products and homemade preserves. The rooms have kitchenettes, with a sink, stove top, fridge and basic kitchen equipment so you can prepare simple meals. It was comfortable, but tight quarters since all four of us were in one room with the boys sleeping on the sofa bed.

Our room faced the busy road, so we had road noise but also a view of the mountains. I might have preferred to face the river. It’s on the edge of St Mortiz, not really in walking distance of the shopping area. But it has free parking and is a short walk from the bus. For the price, I think its good value, especially for the St Moritz / Engadin area.

Our Engadin To Do list…

We love the Engadin and will definitely come back. Here are some hikes still on our list…

Smuggler’s Trail. This is a short activity trail for kids in the forest near Majola. I thought it would be good to combine this with hiking up to the Cavloc lake.

Poschiavo Val da Camp. This was our original destination for this trip, but we couldn’t find accommodation near it and we decided our kids might revolt after doing this hike (15k with about 700m up/down). I don’t know when we’ll make it here but I’ll be dreaming of it until we do. (see trail map)

Charmanna Hut. While doing our Fuorcla – Val Roseg hike, I saw the beautiful bright blue glacier lake Valdret in the distance and longed to change courses. So I mapped out a hike for next time, going from Fuorcla to the Charmanna Hut, sleeping overnight, then hiking down the Val Roseg the next day.

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A reference to all the hikes we did in the Engadin region during our 2020 summer holidays, including the Corvatsch Wasserweg and Val Roseg.


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